Prince Regent Street Trust Core Offer

All schools in the Prince Regent Street Trust will receive the ‘core offer’ from the Trust; this provision will then be bespoke depending on the need. The length of these visits will vary and will depend mainly on the category of the individual school and the ability of the school to demonstrate its effectiveness in being a ‘self-improving school’. The aim is that all schools will receive the core offer, with additional support being targeted in line with the priorities they have identified/ requested. Evidence from each visit will be recorded in a Quality Assurance Visit pro-forma.


The effectiveness of this strategy will be monitored through:

  • Progress in relation to targets – individual school targets and Prince Regent Street Trust targets
  • Progress of individual schools in relation to Prince Regent Street Trust Categorisation and Ofsted Outcomes
  • Individual School Self-Evaluations
  • Evaluation of the Prince Regent Street Trust Strategic Development/ Partnership Plan
  • Feedback from head teachers and other relevant leaders

Where a school is identified as ‘causing a concern’ either as a result of the category the school is placed in by Ofsted or as a result of concerns being identified/raised by the Trust, then the school and governors are required to take the relevant action in order to ensure that they work in partnership with the Trust to address the concerns, and that an appropriate level of progress is made.

If, however, it is felt that the required level of progress is not being made or there is a serious concern in relation to the way the school is managed or governed which is likely to prejudice standards or performance then relevant action/ intervention will be taken by the CEO/ Chair of the Trust Board.

Although the Prince Regent Trust hopes that this action will not be necessary, it has a responsibility to ensure all head teachers and governors understand the steps which will be followed by the Trust should there be concerns which they feel are not being addressed.

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